Gifts for the Easter holidays from the Administration of the Free Enterprise Zone "Expo-Business-Chisinau"


   Every year, during the holidays, the Administration of the Free Entrepreneurship Zone "Expo-Business-Chisinau" organizes the sponsorship of the Municipal Training Center for children and adolescents, which requires special educational conditions, each time, bringing with its contribution, joys and pleasant surprises. children.

    Thus, on 19.04.2022, the Free Zone Administration, respecting the tradition of years, invited the management of the Municipal Center, in the person of Mrs. Tatiana Ivanova, interim director of the Center, to give gifts on the occasion of the beautiful holiday of Easter.


    Also, Mr. Valentin Cebotari, Interim Principal Administrator, in the context of this meeting, mentioned that it is and will always be open for collaboration and support, within the limits of its competence, of the children and adolescents of the Municipal Training Center for Children and Adolescents. requires special conditions of education.