World Bank experts meet with FEZ residents and administration


The Administration of Free Economic Zone “Expo Business Chisinau” and two of its residents had separate meetings with a World Bank team, which is preparing a report aiming to analyze the drivers of growth of the country. The focus was on drivers of productivity and at identifying potential bottlenecks to private sector growth and employment creation. As part of this analytical effort, the World Bank team discussed with the FEZ’s administration team and its residents the role of the Free Economic Zones in spurring productivity growth and the main obstacles that foreign investors may face in sourcing inputs locally and investing into the country.

The WB team consisted of Mmes. Jana Krajcovicova (Private Sector Specialist) and Alexandra Mincu (Consultant). On behalf of the Administration, they were met by the Interim Chief Administrator, Mr. Vitalie Rabovila and Deputy Chief, Mr. Slava Rodideal.

Free Economic Zone “Expo Business Chisinau” was created by the Moldovan Government with the aim of accelerating socio-economic  development  by  attracting  domestic  and  foreign investment,  promoting  exports, and  creating  new jobs. Investors have the opportunity to lease land, warehouse space, open-storage areas as well as business offices within FEZ, while operating under special conditions, particularly preferential tax and customs regimes.