Informative communiqué of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure on the occasion of the 25 years of activity FEZ "Expo-Business-Chisinau".


Government of the Republic of Moldova



"Expo Business Chisinau" - The first Free Economic Zone in the Republic of Moldova marks 25 years of activity

07/01/2021 - 11:29

On July 1, 1996, the activity of the first Free Economic Zone of the Republic of Moldova - Free Entrepreneurship Zone "Expo-Business-Chisinau" was launched. During the years of activity, FEZ "Expo-Business-Chisinau" has become a center for the development and implementation of innovative technologies, which as a result has contributed to attracting new investments and promoting exports from our country.

Currently, FEZ "Expo-Business-Chisinau" has reached over 55 residents from 11 countries, including companies with foreign capital such as - Fujikura Automotive MLD, Equip-Test, Sobro-Groups, etc., which have made investments of over 74 million dollars and created over 1600 jobs.

On the occasion of the 25 years of activity, the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure expresses its appreciation for the achievements and brings sincere congratulations and best wishes to the administration of FEZ "Expo-Business-Chisinau", residents and all employees.

On the territory of the Republic of Moldova operate 7 Free Economic Zones (areas of free entrepreneurship), which register 38 subzones located in different regions of the country. We mention that the contribution of FEZs to the development of the national economy has considerable shares. Thus, the exports made by the FEZ residents have a share of about 22% of the total exports of the country, as well as a share of over 15% of the number of employees of the residents from the number of employees in the industry.

The investments made within the 7 FEZs from the beginning of their activity until the end of 2020 amounted to 459 million dollars, increasing by about 6.1% or by 26.2 million dollars compared to the end of 2019. The volume of products and services provided by FEZ residents in 2020 exceeded 10.8 billion lei, of which 94% is the value of industrial products.