Anniversary of 25 years of activity of the Free Entrepreneurship Area (ZAL) "Expo-Business-Chisinau"



The Free Entrepreneurship Zone (ZAL) "Expo-Business-Chisinau" is created by Law no. 625-III of November 3, 1995, "On the Free Entrepreneurship Zone" Expo-Business-Chisinau ". It started operating on July 1, 1996 under GD No. 350 of June 21, 1996, "On the operation of the Free Entrepreneurship Area" Expo-Business-Chisinau ".

  On the anniversary of 25 years of fruitful activity and considerable achievements in the field of business, the Free Economic Zone "Expo-Business-Chisinau" brings together a number of 56 residents, whose statutory capital represents 11 countries of the world. ZAL "Expo-Business-Chisinau" is currently focused primarily on attracting foreign investment in the Republic of Moldova and promoting exports.

  The free zone has a central location with excellent transport connections, located in Chisinau, with direct access to the highway connecting with neighboring countries Romania and Ukraine (100 km to the Romanian border and 230 km to the Ukrainian) direct access to the railway - the road railway crosses our territory, less than 1 km from Chisinau International Airport, 215 km to the international port of Giurgiulesti. ZAL "Expo-Business-Chisinau" occupies the area of ​​39.0 ha.

ZAL "Expo-Business-Chisinau" offers potential investors the opportunity to operate in the Free Zone, by leasing land, office space, warehouses, etc.

 Potential residents are also offered various support services, from logistics to administration.

 Customs and tax facilities are established for ZAL residents. These are set out in the Laws of the Republic of Moldova.

   It is relevant to mention that the experience gained during the years of operation of the Free Zone has been a long road, paved with various challenges and successful achievements. Today marks the 25th anniversary of the formation and development of the Free Zone, with multiple trials, hopes and achievements. All the results obtained required significant efforts and investments. The successes of the Free Zone, but also the fulfillment of the tasks are ensured by the people working within the Administration, by the degree of responsibility, support and daily contribution to the activities of the residents of the Free Zone in the implementation of their investment projects.

   On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Free Entrepreneurship Area "Expo-Business-Chisinau" The administration congratulates the employees and residents of the Free Zone and wishes health, prosperity, successful results in achieving the undisputed contribution to boosting the development of the national economy.